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Introducing the #GiveAndGetHelp Tag! 🌱

  • 1.  Introducing the #GiveAndGetHelp Tag! 🌱

    Posted 06-03-2022 14:18
    Hi everyone and happy Friday 😄

    Hope everyone had a fantastic week!

    I wanted to introduce the new tag I've started in the Forum called #GiveAndGetHelp.

    There has been a lot of conversations and amazing members of our community giving their insights and sharing their experiences ​to questions being asked in the Forum! To make things easier to 1) ensure any questions you've asked is seen, and 2) be able to share your insights and position yourself as a community leader 🤩, please use the #GiveAndGetHelp tag in your post!

    It's easy - you can either add the hashtag to the thread title, or click the little "#" icon when writing your post to include it in your message! ​And to find those posts is easier than ever - just check under the "Discussions" section in the header for the Give and Get Help page that populates all tagged threads.
    I've already added the tag to some existing posts in our community - so be sure to take a peek!

    This community is being built by you, for you, and it'll only get better when we give and receive tips & tricks to help us all grow professionally and personally! 🌱​

    ➡️ Do you have any other tag ideas for the Forum? Feel free to leave them below! (Also, did you notice the tag cloud on the homepage for you to peruse? ☁️👀)

    Thanks everyone!!

    Irene Tang
    Community Marketing Manager
    Vena Solutions