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  • Posted in: General Discussions

    Hi everyone! We are officially less than a week from Excelerate =SUM(it) 2022 , and I couldn't be more excited to experience this together with the community! This thread has been made so all session threads are centralized and for attendees ...

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  • Posted in: General Discussions

    Welcome to the Vena Plan To Grow ™ Forum! As a Plan To Grow ™ member, we know how much value you receive from the peer-to-peer networking and educational opportunities we provide through our virtual livestreams, events, on-demand content and ...

  • Posted in: General Discussions

    Welcome to the Plan To Grow Forum! We're very excited to build this community together with you. With that, there are three simple steps members can quickly take advantage of the Plan To Grow Forum: 1. We'll need to get to know one another to build ...

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    Webinar: Business Partnering (UK & Ireland)

    The current disruption has helped us to realise that no matter how much we plan, the world will not always go according to expectation… And that’s no different in the office of Finance. Disruption has also shown us that Business Partnering has been essential to facilitate agility, flexibility and resiliency at times of great uncertainty. This transformative process dynamically connects people, plans, data and departments - beyond the office of Finance - enhancing organisational decision-making processes. Join us on July 14th, 11AM BST.