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  • 1.  Workforce Planning Module (Historical Data)

    Posted 06-14-2023 20:30


     I understand the Workforce Planning Module is used primarily for forecasting personnel. We upload our ADP employee data to help streamline the payroll forecasting process, which is great. However, does Vena have capability to keep historical payroll data at the employee level or do we just need to refer to the source system for this?

    Love to hear your thoughts and experiences.


    Andrew Le
    Manager, FP&A
    Shape Properties Corp.

  • 2.  RE: Workforce Planning Module (Historical Data)

    Posted 06-15-2023 10:20

    Hi Andrew

    It's a data cube and we can setup a data load process to load actual HR data.  There is nothing limiting you from loading employee details monthly and reporting on that.  We have clients that use workforce planning model to report actual workforce data by month and use that data for their monthly reporting and dashboards.  Feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss options for data loads and reporting.  


    Mark Dose
    Delbridge Solutions