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VENA and ProLytics success-story with Mitsubishi Chemical

  • 1.  VENA and ProLytics success-story with Mitsubishi Chemical

    Posted 05-24-2023 10:23

    Good day everyone!

    Just want to shout out to @Cindy Tynan for the wonderful client story.

    VENA and ProLytics had recently broke news of a client case-study and I am excited to share some details about it with the community here!
    Whether you operate in manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, energy & utilities, construction, automotive, or the food and beverage industry, ProLytics is honored to be recognized as a trusted partner. We not only excel in technology (haha, get it? 🤪) & deployment but also committed to understanding industry unique client processes.

    If you would like to learn more about how Vena and ProLytics help align Mitsubishi Chemical's financial processes and improve their reporting, please click here!  I am happy to answer any questions!

    In addition, check out our recent Excelerate '23 demonstration for Legal, here!

    Andrew Lee
    Prolytics Consulting Group