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Tip # 4 - The Expression Editor Hack

  • 1.  Tip # 4 - The Expression Editor Hack

    Founding Member
    Posted 04-20-2023 11:19

    The expression editor allows you to create more dynamic mappings inside a template. 

    What are some use cases where the expression editor can be useful?

    • You want to have dynamic row expansion where maybe you want to have all the Gls within a particular row or in the account hierarchy
    •  You need a detailed listing of all your projects to not have to select those individually. You want them to be dynamic so every time you add projects to that hierarchy, they'll dynamically expand. 
    • You want to create calculated members

      These are three of the most common use cases for this feature. Have you used any other? Drop it in the comments so we can all benefit.

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    Dominic DiBernardo
    The DB Group