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  • 1.  Tip #1 - Vena Flags

    Founding Member
    Posted 04-11-2023 09:36

    Hi Vena Forum!

    I am Dominic DiBernardo, Partner and Leader at the Corporate Performance Management Practice at Citrin Cooperman.

    Today I'll begin sharing with you the top Vena tips my team and I put together so you can maximize the use of Vena and take it to the next level. First on the list is Vena flags. 

    When mapping templates as a Vena Manager, you will often encounter situations where you need to hide/show, lock/unlock or freeze/unfreeze specific parts of a template. You may also want to password-protect a sheet or set of sheets as default to further refine your template. In Vena, you can do this by placing special commands  ("flags") into cells within the template. In this guide, you will learn about the functionality of the flags available in Vena.

    If you find this valuable, like and share it with your colleagues. If you have further questions, drop them in the comments and I'll get back to you!

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    #Top10VenaTip #CitrinCooperman #CCCPM


    Dominic DiBernardo
    The DB Group

  • 2.  RE: Tip #1 - Vena Flags

    Posted 09-14-2023 09:09

    I utilize #allowrowgrouping and #allowcolumngrouping combined with the Excel grouping features to allow users to expand and collapse details.  The one downfall is when you expand groupings to see subaccounts etc. if the mapping is dynamic this also unhides the #hiderows and #hidecolumns.  Hopefully, Vena can fix this in the near future!

    Jessica Parker
    Orthodontic Partners

  • 3.  RE: Tip #1 - Vena Flags

    Posted 09-20-2023 17:11

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback! I've passed this along to the appropriate product team here at Vena. Enjoy the rest of your week. 


    Carter Russell
    Product Manager
    Vena Solutions