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  • 1.  The gift of CPE/CPDs! #12DaysofVena

    Posted 12-01-2022 10:58

    Hi everyone!

    I'm excited to be kicking off the #12DaysofVena with the gift of a free, 30-minute on-demand CPE/CPD course I created just for our Vena Community members! A link to the course can be found below. If you are not already a Vena Academy user, you will need to create a free account to access the course.

    Feel free to share the link below with anyone who would benefit from learning more about Financial Close and how to close the books quickly.

    In this thread, let's discuss all things Financial Close. How often is your business closing your books? Are you monthly, quarterly or yearly? What's worked for you, and what pains are you still struggling with? 

    Course Link- Financial Close: A Foundational Guide

    Course Description: The financial close process is essential to understanding and verifying your company's true financial position. While that sounds simple enough, the year-end financial close process has the potential to bog you down on many fronts. If you don't know what's working, what's not working and-most importantly-how to fix it, you'll continually head down the same path. In this course, you will learn the steps to improve your Financial Close process and even cut down the time your team spends closing the books. You will also receive a pdf checklist to take away and start using toward your month-end close process.


    Looking forward to learning from each of you as well!

    Happy Holidays!


    Giovanna Reinking
    Director, Education

  • 2.  RE: The gift of CPE/CPDs! #12DaysofVena

    Posted 12-02-2022 13:54
    At Vena, we do a monthly close but we're continually working to streamline the process. This has resulted in us completing some "close activities" throughout the month to take as much pressure off the first week of the month as possible. I would love to hear if anyone has achieved a 3-day close and what helped you reach that major milestone!

    Olivia MacDonald
    Manager, Financial Systems and Operations