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Template Demo Videos! #12DaysofVena

  • 1.  Template Demo Videos! #12DaysofVena

    Posted 12-13-2022 10:43

    Hi everyone!

    I'm back with another #12DaysofVena gift for you, and this time I'm super excited to present you with two demo videos of our newly released templates. Follow along as our team takes you through the use case and functionality of our new
    Manufacturing Forecasting & Order Planning Template and Bill of Materials Template. The videos will highlight how you can adopt the templates for your needs, with examples and a thorough breakdown of each of their tabs.

    I hope you find these videos helpful and can't wait for you all to start using them for your needs. We always want to hear from you so, let us know in the thread below if you'd like to see more template demo videos and any more templates you want from us next!

    Happy Holidays!

    - Aatharsha Jeyachelvan

    Aatharsha Jeyachelvan
    Product Marketing Specialist
    Vena Solutions