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  • 1.  Project Planning with Vena!

    Posted 12-07-2022 11:40
    Did you know project planning is one of the core functionalities of Vena outside of your bread and butter FP&A?  We have helped utility companies, record labels, hospitals, manufactures, etc. plan out all types of projects that lasts anywhere from months to over 10 years!  I would like to use this opportunity to talk about some of the project planning use cases we have seen at Vena that was very successful in automating our clients' business processes.

    • Project Planning
    The most standard project planning use case is planning by project where project is a dimension within our data model.  In this approach we first attach meta data such as project name, project owner, start/end dates to the project and assign that project to an owner.  The assigned owner will then enter their financial plans for this project into Vena.  This can include: revenue opportunities, expenses, and capital assets required.  Vena then calculates and aggregates all the financial input from your contributors into a consolidated P&L and Balance Sheet.   As finance professionals you can then review the financial impact of your projects and decide which projects to double down on and which to scale back on.

    • Scenario Analysis 
    The cherry on top is that in Vena you can do a lot of nifty scenario analysis where you can toggle projects "on" or "off".  Projects that are toggled off will have their financial impact removed from your reports and project that are turned on will make its way into your financials.  With this ability, you can answer questions on the fly such as:
    - What does my best case look like if I do all my projects?
    - What does my base case look like if I pick and choose certain types of projects?

    To be able to toggle projects on and off on the fly and seeing their financial impacts have added tremendous value to our customers and I encourage you to reach out to your customer success manager or Vena contact to learn more!

    -- Eugene Cheng
    Manager, Solution Architecture


    Eugene Cheng
    Soln Arch
    Vena Solutions

  • 2.  RE: Project Planning with Vena!

    Posted 12-07-2022 17:34
    This is such a powerful use-case for Vena! I saw it firsthand as a consultant where a non-profit was using project planning for the grants they receive. Very cool to hear we have a record label on the books too! Any chance of Taylor Swift tickets 👀

    Olivia MacDonald
    Manager, Financial Systems and Operations