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Future-Proof Finance: Adapting to Rising Interest Rates with Vena

  • 1.  Future-Proof Finance: Adapting to Rising Interest Rates with Vena

    Posted 10-10-2023 11:22

    Hi Vena Community, 

    I'm Dylan, and I'm looking forward to engaging with you all as a speaker at the upcoming Virtual Banking Event on October 26th as well as this week's #ExpertExchange.

    In my last 6 years of working and speaking with Vena's Financial Institution customers and prospective customers, I've found that leveraging real-time data is a game-changer for these organizations. In fact, my banking and credit union customers specifically love Vena's scenario modeling capabilities because Vena has greatly enhanced their ability to analyze trends and adapt to market changes. 

    Now, I want to hear from you: 

    1. How have your internal planning & reporting processes adapted to changing interest rates and economic conditions? 

    1. Where are you seeing the most value from your organization's FP&A software? 

    1. What specific features or capabilities are you looking for in an FP&A software that you can't currently do? 

    Your thoughts on the above will not only inform my team's panel discussions but also contribute to a more enriching experience for everyone involved. I'm eager to incorporate your insights into our session, and I can't wait to explore these topics further with you.

    Dylan McMullen
    Vena Solutions