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For Manufacturing Pros - Managing Bill of Materials

  • 1.  For Manufacturing Pros - Managing Bill of Materials

    Posted 06-16-2023 10:04
    Calling all finance pros in manufacturing!

    We understand the challenges and complexities involved in managing Bill of Materials (BOM) and optimizing manufacturing processes. Looking to consolidate the wisdom here to help others in this forum.

    To kick start:
    1. What are some common pain points you have encountered when it comes to BOM management and financial planning in manufacturing?
    2. How do you currently utilize templates or tools to track and evaluate product manufacturing costs?
    3. Have you faced any specific challenges in forecasting material requirements or optimizing inventory management? How did you overcome them?
    Also, feel free to share any valuable resources, tips, or case studies that have helped you overcome challenges or improve BOM management in your organization.

    Truman Tang
    Vena Solutions