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Chandoo's Workshop: Your Takeaways and Questions? 🤔

  • 1.  Chandoo's Workshop: Your Takeaways and Questions? 🤔

    Posted 10-24-2023 13:34

    Did anyone here catch Chandoo's workshop on "How to Build a Business Performance Excel Dashboard With ChatGPT" on Oct 18 & 19? It was all about leveraging ChatGPT to level up our Excel dashboard game. 📊

    For those who hopped in, what were your key takeaways? Any particular hacks or insights that lit the bulb? 💡 Your feedback could help others see the workshop through a different lens.

    Got any lingering questions or a scenario where you applied what you learned? Feel free to share! It might just spark an insightful discussion or give someone else a fresh perspective. 🔄

    Also, for more Excel goodness, Chandoo has whipped up a new course on Vena Academy: "Dynamic Arrays in Excel: Key Functions and Formulas for Finance Professionals." It's CPE accredited and ready for you on-demand. 🎓 Click here to enroll.

    Let's share our experiences, pop those questions, and continue learning from each other. Your input is the engine that keeps this community rolling and engaging. 🚀

    Looking forward to your thoughts!


    Giovanna Reinking