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  • 1.  🗓🌱 Upcoming Events This Month!

    Posted 6 days ago
    Edited by Irene Tang 6 days ago
    Hello Everyone!

    As we're heading into our 2nd full week of 2022, I'd like to remind everyone of the exciting events happening in the coming weeks!

    On January 11 (that's tomorrow 👀) there will be a Community Connect event that focuses on best practices about all things budgeting and forecasting. Event info here:
    ➡️ Community Connect: Plan To Hit Plan

    On January 12 (this coming Wednesday) there will be a CFO Confidential event discussing the leading role that finance plays in driving business performance and how finance executives can better position themselves to power organizational growth. Event info here:
    ➡️ CFO Confidential: The Rise of Strategic Finance

    On January 20 (next Thursday) there is a virtual meetup event where you can network with fellow finance leaders on financial reporting processes with automation and visualization tools. Event info here:
    ➡️ The Financial Reporting Meetup

    ✅ Did you know that these events are also listed in the Events section of the Forums? Stay up to date by regularly checking in because we'll be compiling all upcoming events so you won't miss out!

    As always if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me or anyone on the Vena team! Or, if you have any questions you would like us to relay to the Events team, let us know! 

    Have a great week everyone! 😄

    Irene Tang

  • 2.  RE: 🗓🌱 Upcoming Events This Month!

    Posted 3 days ago

    Hello everyone!

    As we're finishing off the week, I wanted to take the time to look back at the events that have happened so far.

    We had our first Community Connect of 2022 and saw some familiar names on that call! There were some great takeaways that I wanted to share and see if there are any other community members who wanted to weigh in.

    • Simplify the process: consider adding users as "watchers'' instead, and avoid over-complication with too many steps. Keep things simple.
    • Visibility on costs and budget: implement a process where department managers can see budgets and have ownership & accountability. This will help streamline forecasting and management of costs.
    • Implementation advice: communication, bringing end users along for the process, and ensuring user adoption! One additional recommendation is to run the legacy process concurrently with the Vena solution to compare and check (thanks for this awesome tip, @Brandon Combs!)

    As an
    exclusive to you 👀, our founding Forum members, we're giving you an insider look at the conversations had during the CFO Confidential!

    • Understand the business you're a part of before looking at the financial statements to be able to make informed decisions. That may look like meeting with the front-line operations team to give context to the business! 
    • Have the mindset of challenging the status quo and "never being satisfied". This will push for innovation and plan for what needs to be done next. Is that hiring more people? Implementing new processes? Changing current systems?
    • Avoiding pitfalls in strategic finance: training is key! When there are changes to a system or process, there is a chance for confusion which can be mitigated through training.

    This is a lengthy post, so thank you if you've made it this far 👍! If you're still reading this, and want to continue the conversation, here are my questions for you!

    ➡️ Do you have any other budgeting, forecasting, or even implementation tips you want to share?

    ➡️ Are there any stories of "challenging the status quo" that has led to a personal or professional "win"?

    Thanks all!


    Irene Tang