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  • 1.  EXCELERATE =SUM(it) | Vena Data Modeling

    Posted 05-02-2022 17:31

    Fundamentals Abstract: Explore data model fundamentals of the Vena Modeler! Master basic data model terminology and maintenance to ensure accurate data consolidation and financial reporting.

    Advanced Abstract: Learn about versioning scenarios to help with budgeting, alternate hierarchies to allow for more dynamic reporting, and troubleshooting strategies to drive your business.

    Tune in on Monday, May 9 at 4:00 PM EDT!

    Excelerate =SUM(it) 2022

    In this thread, ask your questions for the session, start a conversation, and follow for updates!

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    Michelle Sun
    Senior Training Specialist
    Vena Solutions
    Toronto ON

  • 2.  RE: EXCELERATE =SUM(it) | Vena Data Modeling

    Posted 05-10-2022 11:52

    Hey everyone, Luana here! I'm the Product Manager for the Data Model team here at Vena. Thought I'd share some answers to questions that came in during the Training: Vena Data Modeling Advanced live session yesterday with Michelle & I. Feel free to continue the discussion below! These questions relate to Alternate Hierarchies (member sharing) and Versioning.

    Q: How do you share parent members?

    A: Parent members are currently not able to be shared

    Q: Why can't we just use the calculated member?

    A: Calculated members are a way to leverage member expressions to group/aggregate members - in certain cases alternate hierarchies and calculated members may be interchangeable depending on what you are trying to do and how you wish to view the results on a template

    Q: Does the operator actually matter for parent members since data typically isn't saved to them?

    A: They can matter if those parents roll up to higher level parents that you may map on a report - then, there is a chance those values could be double counted. Just something to look out for!

    Q: Is there a way to share multiple members at one time?

    A: Currently, bulk share is not available. We have bulk move members and bulk attribute attach & detach capabilities. Would love to hear more about this use case and how it would help you.

    Q: If i am separately copying HR, what level do i need to go down to in the parameters/intersections?

    A: Depends on what you are trying to copy - you can specify a subset of accounts, specific periods, years, scenarios etc.

    Q: Is the Save Versioning option available on the old modeler interface or just in the newer interface?

    A: Saved Versioning Configurations is exclusively available in the new modeler experience

    Q: How does a "user"/Contributor (not a Modeler) retrieve data/contents for a given member, and use that data/content as the basis for creating a new member?

    A: Contributors can view data from a given member through templates and reports mapped by Manager users that are assigned to them through a workflow task. The creation of new members in the data model is limited to users with the Vena Modeler role.

    Q: Will sharing parent member be available in the future? It's a feature that will save a lot of the manual work for sharing each individual bottom level member

    A: We will take this feedback into consideration for future product releases, thank you

    Q: Can you explain the other options in the versioning screen? Version Parent Members for example?

    A: Check out this knowledge base article here to learn more!

    Q: To switch to the new [Modeler] version do i have to be on 365?

    A: No, the new modeler experience is available regardless of which add-in you are using

    Q: I'm getting an error attempting: Set of Copy to and Copy from members must be mutually exclusive and non-null my copy from 2022 Budget and copy to is budget 2023

    A: In your example, since Budget is common in the Copy To/Copy From, move it to the Filter parameter

    Q: How do you select a bunch of members to delete? What are the box to the left of the member for? I have tried to select there to delete but no option to do so...

    A: Currently, supported bulk features are moving members and bulk attaching/detaching attributes. You can select multiple members and hit the 3 dots on the top-right table header called 'Actions' to attach/detach attributes. Thank you your feedback, we will take it into consideration for future product releases

    Q: Can data modeler revision history be downloaded in a file (i.e. csv)?

    A: This is not currently available, but we will take your feedback into consideration

    Luana Faria-Fichelli
    Product Manager